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Are mature clients more caring lovers? redgun

As the song goes “I want a lover with a slow hand................” it is that tender, almost contemplative, loving that it seems the older guy brings to the boudoir that really turns the girls on?

The older client has so much in the way of experience behind him; he has possibly loved many women and has absorbed into his original technique all the little hints that various partners have indicated are really so very, very good. He takes his time, he hasn’t the fervour of the young man whose testosterone rules the moment, the older lover knows that the best things are those that build, slowly and surely, developing constantly and in a gentle but relentless way into a raging torrent. He is there not just for his own gratification, but he is listening to what her body is saying to him, knowing that instigating her genuine desire and slowly nurturing it until she can take no more brings him the rewards too.

The young lover may have the body, the taut and toned abs, the powerhouse of sexual energy, but so often he is focused more on himself than the experience that is both of them working together towards the sweetest satisfaction. Over the years to come he will also reach that point where instinctively he tends to every quiver of her submissive body until he has aroused her, not with the “heated rush” of his youth, but by spending some time using that slow hand and his tender touch.

Is this why when an escort gets a call from one of the older guys, past his 20s and 30s, mature and with all of the secrets he has learnt over the years now in his arsenal of loving skills, our lovely lady breathes deeper and slower just with the thought of the night to come? Many girls will tell surely is.