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How did she become an escort redgun

Almost every client has wondered at some time when he is seeing a gorgeous escort who seems to have everything, “I wonder why she chose to become an escort, although of course, I am so glad that she did!!” It is certainly a question that has more than one answer in as much as if we were to ask an accountant or someone in any other profession what took them there, it can be a multitude of reasons for that course in life too.

Sometimes the reason can be economic, our lovely young lady may have a degree or she may have left school at 16, but when it comes down to it a lot of jobs can be a disappointment on the salary stakes and that is always assuming that there is a job to be had anyway. Our feisty, independent little lady doesn’t like to waste her time doing something where she is not appreciated and it springs to her mind that there is a career move that is not only going to make her financially independent, but where she knows that she has a lot of natural skill!! Money drives many girls to do this job, but it is the love of this lifestyle that keeps her there.

Some girls consider the very idea of a guy paying for sex to be a real turn on, just thinking about the random element of seeing different guys who are willing to pay for the pleasure of her company and of her body makes her feel so hot. Different things can be the stimulus for sexual arousal and for a large percentage of escorts this can be the driver. There is more than one winner here, for she is finding the transaction makes her really hot and the guy.......well he is reaping the rewards!!

Some escorts have been dancers in the clubs and bars - table dancers, lap dancers, pole dancers, others have been hostesses or strippers; many find that the titillation of advertising their desire without fulfilling their needs can be very frustrating and they start to lose motivation. Becoming an escort is a natural step for many. A girl like this brings all the extra skills of the dancer to the boudoir with her sensuous mover and her lithe and supple body.

Some escorts are probably there for another reason altogether. They are those exceptional girls who are high octane, highly sexed creatures who really can never have enough. Open minded, sexually liberated, adventurous, they live for the thrill of sensual encounters and the lucky guys that these nymphomaniacs meet are in for a time that will rock their boat like no other experience. Finding an escort who really does want the encounter as much, or possibly even more than you, is like striking gold and guys when you do........... you will know it and there will be no need to ask the question!!!!!