be a bond girl

The ones that got away redgun

As with most things in life you need to grab every great opportunity before it slips out of your grasp and this principle applies to acting upon your instincts when you see an utterly desirable escort who hits all your hot buttons as soon as you glimpse her first picture!

She may be an escort on tour, a new escort or she may be a girl that perhaps you have just not seen before, but features on your wish list. Or maybe you had a brief appointment with her and she was so sensational that you promised yourself a longer date or an overnight to fully appreciate all that she has to offer. Well to be honest as nice as it is to have a wish list no one just needs to keep on wishing, a little action is required here. Especially if she disappears before you get around to that longed for date!! Checking her out on your favourite agency one day and shock horror..........SHE IS GONE!!!

The thoughts of her sensational body, her cute rear, those perky breasts, you can feel the sexuality oozing out of every pore which sets up an acute surge of desire which haunts you. All because you didn’t act straight away and now all you can do is regret and wish for the softness of her kiss. She is one of the unforgettable girls who got away…………………

So guys, it’s never to late to change your habits, never put off until tomorrow the sensual beauty you can meet today; change plans, delay other meetings, never take no for an answer from yourself or others when it comes to realizing your desires, beg or borrow if needs be to make her yours, don’t let some force beyond your control in the future keep you apart.