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What goes around comes around redgun

What would you think if you discovered that your wife was enjoying the services of a male escort?

After the shock and the horror have abated a little and your immediate reaction is that you will file for divorce immediately, does reality set in? By reality I mean, does the penny drop and does the honest man ask himself if as he is using escort services himself and loving every minute of it, does he really have the moral right to say anything at all?

After all this is the 21st century and as the old adage goes “what is good for the goose is good for the gander”, a saying that definitely predates the decade or indeed the century and maybe it wasn’t what the old sage had in mind when he first coined the phrase......but never mind!

Like all men throughout time I am pretty sure that the average man will deny any such secret liaisons between himself and any other and declare himself faithful and true and therefore justifiably horrified that his dearest lady wife has taken to such diversions. But take a moment, think carefully and maybe the wisest move is to keep quiet, because who knows what she has on him!

One firmly held belief is that the extra marital meeting between the man and an escort is often the cement that holds together the marriage; there are no strings attached, no commitments, he simply returns home a happier and more contented man, the better to deal with his family and the weighty responsibilities of home, mortgage, job et al. It is the release of his pent up emotions, the stress and strain of work, travel, meetings and conferences, his lovely escort takes all his cares and massages them away, takes him to a better place and releases him back into the world.

So hang on! Is that what his wife has been seeking too? Maybe she is holding down a high level job, plus perhaps the kids are being troublesome and the thought of what to make for dinner tonight is all playing on her mind. So may be a hard pill to swallow but equality not only raised its ugly head a while back but continues to evolve, just check out the listings for male escorts available!!

The earlier version of “good for the goose..........” originally read “what's sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander” and maybe that is more appropriate. Maybe the right move here is to maintain the current status quo; this existing state of affairs should maybe remain just exactly that!!

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